Tragedy Response

We are honored to serve those who serve us. And, we understand how important it is for community to support those who give the ultimate sacrifice.

Founder's Family

When Greg was killed in 2015, the community rallied around our founder, Kassy, and their 6-month old son, Sal. Using an online fundraiser, over $200,000 was raised to support their family following Greg’s tragic death.

We carry forward this immense kindness through our Tragedy Response Program. Anytime an officer is killed in the line-of-duty or critically injured in the line-of-duty in South Carolina, we offer to facilitate community giving to support the officer and their family and to honor their bravery. Since 2015, we have facilitated over $500,000 raised. We do not keep any of the money raised, and 100% is donated to the officers and their families.

Current Fundraisers

Around 11:30AM on the morning of Tuesday February 25, 2020, Corporal Andrew Gillette of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was attempting to serve a detention order and eviction notice when a suspect inside the resident fired multiple shots, striking Corporal Gillette in the chest. He later died from his injuries.  This fundraiser will support Corporal Gillette’s family, including his wife, Marie, and their 11-year old son.

Support Corporal Gillette's Family Today